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Mell, Malaysia

I love Bokitta because it's really suitable for me as a mommy and as a career woman ,

Especially when in rushing I just grab it and wear, simple like that!

I couldn't stop from buying and buying and buying again because Bokitta's design too sweet and nice .

Johanna, France

"I bought hijabs at Bokitta since 2015 and have never been disappointed. They're so easy to put on, safe for me and my children because pinless without compromising on the style.

The quality is great, I keep washing them and they remain like brand new. The international shipping is safe, fast and its cost is fair (since free for orders over 100 USD).

Bokitta's team has always been opened to get feedback / suggestions from me. Bokitta keep going launching novelties (colors, prints, styles, materials) so I can't get enough.

I received many compliments when wearing them, from Hijabis as well as from non Muslim women, Alhamdulilah.

Keep going Bokitta !

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