Bokitta Fan Club


What is Bokitta Fan Club?

The Bokitta Fan Club is our way to pay back our loyal customers. Divided into three sets of tiers, Bokitta Fan, Bokitta Lover and Bokitta Addict.

Each tier is accompanied with different perks and redeemable rewards.

Collect more Flowers to get more savings !

Collect more Hearts to advance in the tiers and get more rewards!


How does it work?

Let your shopping finally pay off!

Create a free account and become a Bokitta Fan to get 250 free Flowers. For every 1$ worth of purchase you get 3 Flowers and 1 Heart.

On June 30 and December 31 of each year, we will count how many Hearts you have collected in the past 6 months, and if you have enough Hearts,

you will advance to the next tier for the next period for more exclusive offers.

When you become a Bokitta Lover, for every 1$ you spend you will get 5 Flowers instead of 3 !

When you become a Bokitta Addict, you will get 7 Flowers for every 1$ you spend !


How do I redeem my rewards?

For every 100 Flowers you are entitled to $1 worth of credit you can spend on checkout.

Hearts are not convertible to Flowers, they serve as a meter on how much you love Bokitta to qualify you for the next tier.

Your hearts are automatically reset at the end of each period.

Bokitta Fan Club