The Hajj is fast approaching and we want our Bokitta Muslim women to have a blast.

So we decided to put together a list of essential things that every Muslimah ought to know as she embarks on a spiritual journey. You may also download our Hajj Travel Checklist Guide that we prepared for all our beloved Muslim sisters.

Spiritual Materials

Hajj is a golden experience for every devotee, you may surprise yourself with the things that you will learn about oneself personally and spiritually. A pocket-sized Quran and a journal where you can write your thoughts and learnings will come in handy.

Hygiene Kit

Make yourself comfortable and neat during your Hajj pilgrimage by bringing some basic hygiene necessities that include sanitizers, disinfectant spray, unscented soap, face towel, non-sticky sunscreen, and Vaseline. Heat will be one the most challenging part for everyone your Hajj clothing could stick to your skin from the sweat and make you feel uncomfortable, so it’s important that you stay hydrated and ensure that you prepared everything you need with you at all times.


The Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca means staying in the desert for days, which itself is already a difficult feat, yet imagine being there with millions of other pilgrims under the heat. Wearing appropriate  Hajj clothing is crucial for everyone especially for Muslim women who must look modest and pleasant during the Hajj pilgrimage. Pack lightly and use clothing with a suitable fabric, use an instant pinless hijab to minimize the hassle of using pins. Pack different styles of ready to wear hijab to go with your comfortable Hajj clothing.  Do consider wearing a comfortable footwear and also a pair of socks and extra sandals so your feet can relax.

Travel Documents

As you move places to places each day during the Hajj, your travel documents should be with you at all times. You may want to print out extra copies that you could bring with you and another one that you could leave in your luggage in the hotel.


Your Hajj journey includes long days and longer nights, keeping yourself healthy should be first on your list. Any illness or injury will create a setback on your trip. Prepare snacks to boost energy and keep your stomachs full. Every smart traveler carries a basic medicine box to carry medications for indigestion, pain relief, fever and vitamins for any unforeseeable crisis. Make sure you are physically fit before embarking on this journey to fully enjoy every part of it and make it a memorable one.


[caption id="attachment_319" align="alignnone" width="2480"]hajj checklist The Hajj is a once in a lifetime experience that every Muslim woman would treasure in her spiritual growth. We have prepared a list of essentials that we think our Muslim sisters should consider preparing for her first Hajj experience.[/caption]