complete hijab guide

This complete hijab guide will explain everything you need to know about a Hijab. The hijab is worn by Muslim women as an act of modesty and a symbol of religious faith. Hijab serves as a covering medium for the face, neck, and shoulders of females according to the requirements of their religion.

The word “hijab” comes from the Arabic word for veil. In today’s world, hijab serves as a fashion statement too. Hijab has truly become a lifestyle choice; there are an infinite number of hijab styles, colors, and prints to fit your skin-tone, face shape and outfit.

Below is a complete hijab guide to answer all your question about a Hijab which is one of the most important clothing in the Muslim culture.

Why do Muslim women wear hijab?

Hijab is one of the covering garments that Muslim women wear. Upon reaching adulthood, Muslim women wear a hijab to cover their hair. It is a way of obeying the commandments in the Quran. Muslim women wear hijab to represent their Muslim identity and as a symbol of their cultural identity.

How to wear a hijab?

If a hijab is wrapped in the right way, it lends extra grace to the girl’s personality. Here’s a step by step guide to wear a hijab the right way: Place the hijab at your head by leaving the two ends falling, do not forget to leave one end a bit longer than the other one. Afterwards, wraps those ends around your neck; and pin up both sides under your chin. Place the longer end of the hijab behind your opposite shoulder then flip the same end to the front of the other shoulder. Finally spread both ends of your hijab to cover your chest.

You can choose the size that best fits you:

  • Voila! a short wrap from the chin to the chest
  • Voila!Maxi a short wrap from the chin to the chest that is a bit longer than Voila!
  • Chic a long wrap from the chin to the chest with a tassel
  • Chic!Maxi a long wrap with a tassel that is a bit longer than Chic
  • Zain is a long wrap that is tight on the neck
  • Asas is ideal for sports, no wrap and a tight drape neck design

The rationale of hijab is to cover your head completely so that no hair will be visible; you can select any shape, size or color that suits your needs.

For selecting a hijab, comfort should be your first priority. Wearing a trendy hijab can be tempting, but it is best if you select a hijab that matches your outfit and you can carry comfortably. If you opt for a silky material hijab, a headwrap or even a bandana can be used for firm support and to keep your hijab in place. You can also choose a ready to wear hijab. Such ready-made hijabs do not require a pin which is exactly what you need when you are short on time.

What to consider when wearing a hijab: Here are 2 main things you need to know:

• Choosing the right hijab color:

There is no restriction on selection of color for a hijab. Most girls like to choose colors which are light and give a pleasant effect; such colors attract less heat and do not draw much attention. It is not mandatory to wear a mono-tone hijab, you can mix as many colors in any pattern that you like.

• Hijab fabrics / Materials:

The material of a hijab plays a key role in selection of hijab as well. You must be very selective while choosing the material of your hijab. Soft materials like silk and cotton are preferable. They are long-lasting plus they will not irritate your skin. In winters, you can go with hijabs that are made of nylon, they will keep you warm. The look and feel that you get from a hijab depends largely on its material.

How to accessorize a hijab

To make yourself stand out of the crowd, you can opt for various ways to make your hijab look attractive. You can use beads, embroidery or crystal pins for your hijab in order to give a perfect look, and to transform an ordinary-looking hijab into a dazzling one.

How to maintain a hijab:

Maintaining a hijab can either be really easy or very tough, depending on the material of your hijab. If your hijab is made of cotton or similar material, then maintaining it is not a big deal. You can easily wash it, iron it and then store it. However, it can really be tough if the material of your hijab is some expensive one; you need to be extra careful about that. Make sure that the pins you use for your hijab are of good quality so that they do not rip your hijab. Try not wash them in machines; manual cleaning is preferable. You can hang them in your wardrobe after washing.

Choosing the best outfit to wear with a hijab

You must have struggled at least for once, in order to choose the best hijab for your outfit. Some people are good at selecting the best matching hijab, while some totally lack this skill; if you belong to the latter category and fail to decide the suitable hijab for an outfit, then take a look at the following tips to make this task easier:

• Selecting neutrals:

The best thing about neutrals is that they can never go wrong. Neutral colors can include black, white and beige. Hijabs in these colors can go with outfit of any style, color or pattern. Use these colors and you will never be sorry.

• Printed ones:

Prints can really be amazing, but you only have to take care of little things; one print should be more prominent than the other one; you can play around with similar colors or contrast ones. Printed outfits along with printed hijab, what else one can ask for!

• Color selection:

Your selection is something that requires serious attention in order to look perfect. For example, if you are wearing a red shirt/top, then you can go with a black skirt and hijab of either color. You only need to have some grip and mastery over color combinations.

The right Hijab according to your skin tone:

Similar to clothing, you should choose the best clothing colors for your skin tone. Not only color combination, style or pattern matters but to wear the right hijab according to your skin tone is equally important.

• Light skin tone:

If your skin tone is light, then the best colors that you must select are black and white. For people with lighter skin tones, they should avoid camel, beige and similar colored hijabs.

• Medium skin tone:

Ladies who have medium skin tone can use beige color. This one is the best suitable. All other neutral colors such as black can also go perfectly with this type of skin tone. If you want to go outside the neutral colors, then you can also choose some bold colors, for instance red and aqua.

• Dark skin tone:

From all the skin tones, dark one is the most versatile one. The best thing about it is that each and every color goes perfectly fine with this skin tone. If you choose some dark and bold colors (like dark blue, gold, raspberry and even hunter green), they will enhance your beauty.

Best hijab style based on your face shape:

Every lady wants to look perfect; but is it as simple as it sounds? Actually no! It is a one hard job as you need to figure out what suits you most. Likewise, infinite colors and styles of hijab are available, but to acquire a classy look you need to find out what goes best with your face structure. Following are some general guidelines that will help you in choosing best hijab style according to your face shape:

• Oval:

Oval face shape is not only the perfect face cut, but also a universal shape. Any style or pattern looks great on an oval face. It is a matter of personal preference, if you want to drop the ends of the scarp or tuck them in your chin after wrapping around your head. If you are unable to get the desired look because of your round forehead, then you can use a cap under the hijab.

• Long:

While choosing a hijab for a long face, you need to strike a balance. Add a bit more volume at the top of your head with folds of hijab. Here is another tip for you, you must add folds near your cheekbones; this will enhance your overall face shape and hijab look.

• Round:

Loose styles are best for round face structures. Loose folds will enhance your features even more and reduce the roundness of your face. Leaving the ends of hijab hanging down will also improve your hijab look.

• Diamond:

Diamond shape faces are not so common; for such face cuts, the bone structure is very strong and facial features are quite angular. This face shape also goes best with every pattern or style. Preferably avoid adding folds; your beauty is in keeping the sides smooth and neat.

Hijab – a symbol of elegance:

Show your unique style and exquisite personality by carrying your hijab with grace and elegance. There are infinite varieties, styles and ways of wearing hijab. The thing that you must consider is choosing the one that suits your skin tone, face structure and your outfit. If you are a new hijabi, here are 4 things to consider. Get ready to have a classy yet very sophisticated and decent look.