buying a hijabA hijab is a veil that is worn by women in Muslim countries. An Arabic word that roughly translates to ‘cover,’ Hijab is notably worn as a sign of modesty and reflects the values of the native culture that they behold. There are several reasons why one might choose to wear a Hijab. The first and foremost is the duty embedded on women by God to uphold their modesty. This is, of course, a personal choice and is carried out after puberty. Also, Buying a hijab is not as easy as grabbing any head covering for Muslim women.

What do Muslim women wear a Hijab?

In other cases, some women chose to wear the hijab as a personal choice. Since it often indicates immediately that a person is of an Islamic background or culture, and that they tend to show and express this to others. However, it should be clarified that a Hijab is not synonymous with Islam – women of different religious backgrounds wear it as well. Nonetheless, there should be a clear distinction between faith and culture and that the Hijab is a symbol of peace and harmony. Hijab is also viewed as a fashion accessory. It can either make or break your outfit. So few must-know tips will help you when arriving at a decision which Hijab to buy.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when buying a hijab, either for yourself or for someone else.

1)    Conformity with central beliefs

In Islamic countries, wearing Hijab is perceived as a matter of pride. If you wear it, it garners a sense of respect for you by your immediate community. The first reason is that wearing a Hijab embodies dedication and a commitment to uphold your moral and to honor the commandments of the faith that you believe in. Hence, when buying a Hijab, it is best to ensure that the one you’re getting conforms to those beliefs. For example, in several cultures, the purpose of the Hijab is to veil the hair. However, if you’re buying a hijab that isn’t meeting its basic purpose, then you’ve defeated the purpose. In matters such as these, it is best to consult with someone you feel has the proper authority to lend in their opinion.

2)    Comfort

The purpose of the Hijab is never to make you uncomfortable. Hijab serves as a literal and metaphorical veil. Hence, it is of identical importance that when you wear a hijab, it suits the dimensions of your face and is not uncomfortable. The chances are that you’ll be wearing it when you’re outside your house. If you wear hijab as a commitment, the weather should be of no concern to you, even if it is warm. So, when purchasing a Hijab, make sure it’s one you’re absolutely comfortable with, in terms of physical fittings and other visual factors, such as color and design.

3)    Will it match my face?

As with all facial accessories, such as earrings and sunglasses, it is always important to ask yourself the basic questions. Even if you’re buying a Hijab – will this look good on me? For some people, Hijab also serves a secondary purpose. Which is why they try to match their whole outfit in accordance with the veil they wear. When choosing a Hijab, reflect on factors such as the top that you’ll decide to wear along with it and your facial features. Just as one person can’t pull off every type of glasses there are, neither can someone pull off all different types of Hijab. Invest in something you’re certain you can pull off and take it from there!

4)    What the material is made of?

Just as with all clothing, when buying a Hijab, you’ll have to pay good attention to the type of material your Hijab is made up of.  The most common fabrics are Jersey, satin, crepe, activewear, and crinkled cotton. Ask yourself this – will this make me feel hot? Will this itch? Questions like these need to be answered indefinitely when choosing a hijab. If you’re an athlete, buying an Active Wear hijab is a good idea since they keep intact. Satin hijab fabric reflects light well, and hence it is advised not to buy a cheap on as you come off as too flashy. The ones that are normally recommended is the Jersey Hijab fabric which is the most comfortable one there is to wear. Furthermore, the material also absorbs sweat and keeps you warm, mostly suitable in winters and regions where the climate is moderate.

5)    What is the occasion?

As briefly mentioned above, the fabric of the Hijab will dictate how and when it is applicable and suited the best. For example, if you’re going to the gym, wearing Satin fabric should never be considered. Since you’ll end up making yourself uncomfortable with all the moisture that the fabric will accumulate. Hence, it is always best to consider this – where exactly will I be wearing this Hijab? If it is for wearing at home, then you can virtually get whatever you want. However, if you’re getting a hijab for your workplace, then it’s best to invest in one that is of a professional outlook. It should also represent professionalism along with modesty as well. Furthermore, if you’re going somewhere you know where there will be lots of light. Keep Chiffon Hijabs in mind since they do not require ironing and our pinless hijabs are easy to wear. Always remember, your Hijab represents the type of person you are, which is why it is always recommended to be aware of the place that you’re in and dress accordingly.

6)    Can you match it with something else?

Remember, just like any fashion accessory; a Hijab can either make or break your entire outfit. Sure, wearing a colorful or an exotic Hijab might sound like a really fun idea but ask yourself something. What can I wear this with that would actually look good? A lot of people, for the thrill of buying things, end up getting things that they don’t necessarily need or feel the need to use once or twice only. This principle extends to buying Hijab as well. Pulling things off in a fashionable manner is an art, you have to experiment and master it with due time. Always take your time and pay attention to detail when choosing a Hijab. Ensure that you know what you’ll actually wear it with. Instead of just putting on a random assortment of clothes and making a fool out of yourself.

7)    Price; Is it worth the investment?

Normally when people buy clothes, they have a particular time-frame in mind that the particular cloth will be of use to them. Every article of clothing has a life-span. After a particular point, two things can happen. Either they’ll go out of fashion and will be considered obsolete, or they’ll wear out and lose their charm and look. These two factors should be considered heavily when investing in literally any sort of cloth you’re after. Given the daily use of Hijab, this should be thought about meticulously as well. If you feel that the particle piece you’re buying is timeless, won’t go out of fashion or is from a high-end designer. Then go for the investment since the chances are that their value and ‘look’ won’t decrease over time. However, if you feel otherwise and have a feeling that the product won’t last long, then don’t invest a hefty amount of money in this. Dress good, invest better!

8)    Patterns and designs

Hijab, for the majority of women, reflects a sense of virtue, and modesty. Hijabs aren’t necessarily a means to attract attention. This is why it is always recommended to not go for those that are brightly colored and may reflect lighting. However, if you’re going for a funky or niche look, you may do whatever you please. The same principle is also applicable to different patterns. Stripes and polka dots might serve a good purpose in particular settings but won’t go well if you’re in a professional environment. To be on the safe side, it is always a good idea to invest in Hijab that are of basic compound colors since the flexibility they offer to enable them to serve of different occasions.

9)    Hijab accessory

Hijab, within itself, can be a very vague article of clothing. As fashion evolved over the decades, several different types of hijab have surfaced in modern society that caters to different needs and requirements. Hijab accessories include things such as neck covers, under-scarves and turban style caps. All these are applicable in different scenarios and require meticulous attention to detail in order to pull off efficiently. For example, if you’re wearing a shirt with a low neckline. Then in order to hide the skin that would normally be exposed, you can opt for neck covers which have a charm of their own. Under-scarves are also used for the prime purpose of keeping hair away from the face and are worn under the hijab. This way, if the hijab comes loose or isn’t too tight, there are minimal chances of getting hair in your face. There are several accessories you can look into which suit your need best. Choose the one you want and then rock it!

10)    Buying a Hijab Online

Buying online is a risky business. Apart from second-hand products, there are several scammers that do not deliver the product that they had initially advertised. Buying online in this day and age carries several benefits. When buying online, here are a few 5 tips to consider when buying a hijab online.

  • Reviews

Checking out reviews of products you intend to buy online is the most basic way to prevent yourself from getting cheated or scammed. Look into what other customers have to say. Since buying hijabs online is a niche market, look into what customers of similar interest had to say about the product and the ethics of the seller.

  • Attention to detail

Remember, the quality of the product is of utmost importance. Ensure that the product you’re looking for has clear and HD pictures online or a 3D format which allow you to scan every inch of it. Don’t hurry into buying something that you’ll regret later.

  • Keep an eye out for promotions

Online retailers offer promotions every now and then for particular brands and/or loyal customers. Always be on watch, not to miss out on a deal you could really benefit from. For example, on February 1st of every year which is marked as 'World Hijab Day' and you can find lots of amazing deals to buy your favorite Hijab.

  • Shipping & Delivery

First and foremost are the ease of accessibility and the wide range of products you can choose from and purchase online. Furthermore, the lack of actual traveling and movement involved means that you can shop for your desired Hijab. Regardless of where you are and have it delivered wherever you want.

  • Buying a hijab as a gift

Getting something of cultural significance for someone is one of the best gifts you can present to someone. Hijabs are held in high regard and are valued greatly in modern Islamic societies. The fact that you present someone with a Hijab is a gesture which reflects your generosity and respect to the faith and beliefs of the person you’re presenting it to. Make sure the first thing to consider is the facial structure when choosing a hijab for your friend especially if she is a new hijabi.

I hope all the above will help guide you when buying a hijab. Always ensure that the one you chose is one that you’re absolutely satisfied with. Remember, your first impression is your last, so rock that Hijab and be awesome!