new hijabi

The first few months of becoming a new hijabi can be both a thrilling and frightening experience for a convert Muslim woman. Living in a western country could create trials for a new hijabi woman. The negative impression of hijab-wearing women might often discourage young Muslims to strengthen their faith and convert. Having a strong faith is significant during tough times for a new hijabi convert.

So here's a the only guide you need if you are a New Hijabi

Putting on a hijab for the first time may be awkward and needs some time getting used to. It would take a new hijabi a few months to get accustomed to incorporating your hijab with your casual clothes, office clothes and workout clothes. It might feel strange and uncomfortable especially with pins sticking out in your head scarf. Using a pinless hijab is a good solution for new hijabis who struggle with putting on their hijabs.

Having a hard time deciding whether you should invest in a pinless hijab?

Styling a headscarf can be quite challenging for a new hijabi. Plus keeping your headscarf in place all day long and removing it during wudu is another thing. Give yourself a break and reward yourself with a pinless hijab to make your new life as a hijabi easier. Find the pinless hijab style that would fit your daily activities. For starters, you can pick out the length and fabric that you would be most comfortable in. Being comfortable in your hijab is key to becoming confident wearing it and holding your head up high. Here's a story of a shy introverted twenty-year-old who shared her experience of wearing a hijab for the first time

Want to keep your hair manageable throughout the day?

We mentioned the trouble of keeping the headscarf in place but let’s not forget about your hair too which could add some difficulty to your daily routine. As a new hijabi working full time, you can tie your hair in a loose bun and keep it tidy with an inner to hold it all together. You can buy a headscarf inner separately but sometimes it comes together with your pinless hijab such as Voila! Maxi, which is one of the most popular styles of choice.