2019 Modest Fashion Style Trends

Start the year off on a high - get inspired, Check the 2019 modest fashion style trends you need to watch out for. Our modest fashion consultants will bring you everything you need to know on the latest hijab fashion trends for all occasions.

Whether you're wearing a jumpsuit, leather or cape sleeves there's a perfect Hijab for all your favorite outfits this year! Try them on and start the new year in style.

Here are 5 beautiful modest fashion style trends for hijabis for 2019 (Must-Try)

Cape Sleeves

If you love capes but don’t want to have so much extra fabric added to your outfits, pick up a piece that sports cape sleeves instead.

CAPE SLEEVES modest fashion

Pretty Jumpsuits

The single piece outfits add length to your look while smoothing out the frumps.

JUMPSUITS modest fashion

Lots of Leather

Yes, leather is huge for fall2018and looks great in real and faux. Leather skirts and pants are no less common, but the emphasis is definitely on the coats.

LEATHER modest fashion

Two-Piece Pantsuits

Cropped at the ankles, bright yellows, plunging necklines and everything in between can be coupled with the two-piece pantsuit.

TWO PIECE PANTSUITS modest fashion

Statement Sleeves

Bell sleeves are a pretty interesting addition to 2019 fashion trends, grabbing attention with the differing textured, colors and patterns. Fuzzy sleeves add fun and warmth to your tradition blazers and coats.

STATEMENT SLEEVES modest fashion

Tweed Focus

Tweed coats look incredible, while matching tweed sets, plumped with tulle give us some flight of fancy. As for one of the best combinations? Think leather and tweed jackets worn over starched white collar shirts!

TWEED FOCUS modest fashion

These are just a sample of the 2019 modest fashion style trends everyone is already Googling. Let's start the new year off in style, shall we? Subscribe to our blog to get our free monthly hijab magazine and discover the latest hijab fashion styles & hijab inspiration outfits for Muslim women! Check this month's hijab magazine 

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