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Do you have a Franchisee in your country?

Please check the list here: http://www.bokitta.com/our-stores

New franchises are accepted for new territories only.

Steps to become Franchisee

  1. Fill our online application form

  2. Sign our online Non-Disclosure Agreement and send to the email indicated in the form.

  3. You will receive a template for a Memorandum of Understanding (Letter of Intent) which will tell us about your commitment and actions that you will take toward setting up the distribution business.

  4. You will receive then a letter of appointment and approval of the MOU.

  5. Send photos of the shop that will be the Bokitta Shop.

  6. Place and pay for the Initial Order and pay for the advance on your quarterly quota.

  7. Send detailed plans for the shop design and the signage for approval.

  8. Receive approvals for design and signage.

  9. Send photos of the completed shop.

  10. Commence business.

Facts On Ownership

  1. Total investment in cash $25,000 - $35,000